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Wintec's embedded data modems feature fast connect modes, parallel phone detection, line-in-use monitoring, caller ID and excellent surge immunity. Embedded modems are used in a number of applications such as point-of-sale (EPOS), alarm panel, medical equipment, transportation, wind energy and remote monitoring. Wintec has implemented two different interfaces to meet various customer demands. One is parallel mode interface where the data transactions between the host and the modem use an 8-bit data bus with a set of micro-controller signals at the interface. The other uses an UART interface, where the embedded modem operates in serial mode to handle data transfer with the host system.
Wintec is committed to longterm support of embedded modem products. This includes maintaining product revisions, providing communication and medical systems customers a long product-lifetime that passes FCC and FDA certifications. The smaller and more compact SL24xx Series modems support serial mode only.
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Both generations of SLM embedded modems are in 2" x 1" DIP form factor and are often referred to as DIP modems. There are 40 total number of pins in the DIP modem and each pin has a pin pitch of 0.1 inches. Wintec also provides a 1.4" x 0.9" 24 pin small form factor solution. The smaller and more compact SL24xx Series modems support serial mode only.
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The Wintec software-based USB modem is a cost effective data transmission solution. Software-based USB modems have dedicated drivers that make use of the host system to transfer data and can handle most of the tasks typically accomplished by hardware-based modems.
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