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Solid State Drives
Solid State Drives (SSDs) have been winning the hearts and minds of engineers in a variety of new projects. They provide a number of advantages over their predecessor - the traditional Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Solid State means the drive contains no-moving (spinning) parts, and is manufactured with either SLC or MLC NAND Flash. For this reason alone the life span of storage drives has increased dramatically. SSDs consume less power, have faster data access time and higher reliability.

If you are designing for an application that demands reliable, low-power, and high-performing storage products then Wintec SSDs are what you need. Expect SSDs to perform well in applications such as Servers, Notebooks, POS Systems, Gaming, Automotive, Security Surveillance Equipment, Aircraft, Multimedia Boxes and many more. Explore the links below and remember that any of these products can be customized and privately labeled according to your project's needs.

Wintec Industries SSD products are designed to fulfill Industrial, Enterprise, and Commercial market segments. Wintec SATA-II and SATA-III 2.5" SSDs (also backwards compatible to SATA-I) are manufactured with SLC or MLC NAND Flash paired with a dedicated controller.

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Originally targeted for notebook applications, the Slim 1.8" micro SATA drive has also become popular with enterprise and embedded application developers for use in 1U appliance servers, networking appliances, and set-top boxes. Wintec offers Slim 1.8" micro SATA SSDs with SLC Flash up to 128GB and MLC Flash based drives up to 256GB.

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ZIF (Zero-Insertion-Force) 40-pin PATA Solid State Drives are a fully integrated, robust, and reliable high-performance storage and backup solution in a Slim 1.8" 40-pin form factor.

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PCI-E ExpressCard

The Wintec ExpressCard Solid State Disk (SSD) provides major advantages over the traditional magnetic hard disk drive (HDD). Faster access time, faster transfer rate, quieter operation, lower power consumption, smaller physical size, more endurance to shock and vibration, and lower total cost of ownership make the ExpressCard SSD an attractive choice as a mass storage device.

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Wintec Industries offers three distinct SSD products in small form factors that are ideal for embedded system hardware designs. Wintec Embedded SSD drives are available in an assortment of Industrial I-Temp, Enterprise, and Commercial grades using either SLC or MLC NAND types.

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