Kelley Corten

Vice President, Corporate Marketing

Kelley is a marketing and sales leader who has launched and grown a myriad of brands in over 43 countries. Throughout her 23 years in media she has translated strategic plans into action fueling sales growth and profit. She has pioneered cutting edge practices and spearheaded partnerships with some of the world’s most well known brands, such as Microsoft, Best Buy, Sony, Hyundai, and The Walking Dead.

Before joining Wintec she was VP of Marketing for ModoPayments, and worked for 14 years for Future PLC in the U.K. and U.S. where she was VP of Content and Product. She published Maximum PC, MacLife, and PC Gamer to name a few. Her most recent launch was TechRadar in the U.S. where she grew the audience to over 22m unique users monthly within its first year. Kelley started her career in sales, sales training, sales management, marketing and Publisher of a number of newspapers in the U.K. now owned by Gannet.

Kelley has a bachelor of arts from Goucher College in International Relations and a Masters in Business Administration and Publishing from City of Westminster University in the U.K.