Financial Value Chain Solutions

Wintec’s Financial Value Chain Solutions help secure optimal financial performance and supply chain control that results in quantifiable bottom-line savings. 

Capital Sourcing

Huge developments have occurred in supply chain planning over the last decade, however, financial performance of the supply chain is underdeveloped and offers a significant untapped opportunity. Our value chain solutions free cash flow delivering a consistent source of capital. 

Working Capital Freedom

Volatile demands and supply inconsistencies drive the need for higher and unpredictable working capital. Wintec’s solutions work to consistently mitigate these challenges allowing our customers to free up their deployed capital.

Improve Predictability

Wintec’s supply chain planning and working capital solutions work to enable more predictable and there by more cost-efficient supply chains.  We provide a single source of truth for your supply chain with an ability to drill down for detail.

Title Services

Working with your teams, we deploy solutions to finance and plan inventories in order to optimize service levels to your customers. If desired we can take title of products in the supply chain from multiple sources then deliver goods across the globe to the consumption point. Our Title Services help to unify the generally fragmented capital source in the traditional supply chain. With Wintec’s Title Services, you will maintain your purchasing power while protecting your supply chain against shortages created by supply and demand volatility.  You will free up working capital while preventing loss of opportunity.

Trade and Structured Financing

Working capital optimization is a top priority and often challenging. Wintec’s Trade and Structured Financing solutions significantly improves cash flow and accelerates receivables to lower the cost of financing. By unifying the supply chain’s financing under the credit risk of the buyer and partner, benefits occur across the supply chain. Cost of capital is standardized across the network; Contract manufacturers and suppliers can improve their cash conversion cycles and partners can ensure stability in their supply chain. Our real-time data captures the capital needs across the supply chain for decision managing and optimization work.

Analytics and Tracking

We provide you a single source of truth for your supply chain with the ability to drill down for details. We ensure that information is at your fingertips with up to date reports, forecast, trend analysis and other predictive scenario plans.

System Integration

Our systems are pre-integrated with a robust network of suppliers and contract manufacturers around the world. Our top tier service levels ensure your supply chain operates to the highest standards in the industry.  We can seamlessly provide the necessary frameworks for the VMI compliance needs of your clients while fulfilling the internal system and control needs for your auditors.

Financial Operations-AR/AP

Wintec’s solutions can help your business concentrate on the procurement process, while maintaining vital visibility and traceability in the operations of the supply chain.  Through our automated systems and defined business rules, we ensure quality and continuity to mitigate human errors.

Unified Capital

We unify your supply chain capital by freeing up your cash flow in the supply chain. This provides partners with strong cash flows and reduces cost of capital to a single source.

Our customized solutions help reduce the impact of demand volatility and supply inconsistencies with a consistent capital source. This improves on time delivery while freeing cash flow for improved deployment.