Modular Manufacturing Solutions

Wintec is proud to have delivered over 150 million high performance and durable memory modules for the embedded commercial and industrial OEM industry. Building upon our 29 plus years of trusted quality and experience, we provide 1 on 1 design to deliver just the right solution for our customers.


Maximize the performance and endurance of your investment


See our diverse portfolio with distinct features and functionality


Accelerate your time-to-market with quality DRAM modules.

Core Focus

Our core focus is providing solid state storage and memory solutions for commercial and industrial applications that require long production life cycles. Put simply, we don’t do short! We design using leading edge controller and memory products so that we can support our customers’ product needs with reliability, innovation, cost efficiency, and most of all longevity. Our middle names are ‘creative fulfillment services.’

Performance and Reliability

Our performance and reliability makes us the perfect partner for mission critical applications.

Top Caliber Technical Engineering

Our team provides top caliber technical engineering support to meet the requirements of our customers.

Accommodate Extreme Conditions

Our Commercial and Industrial memory modules accommodate multiple temperatures and extreme conditions.

Flexibility and Strength

Our manufacturing flexibility and engineering strength ensures we can design to fit desired specifications.



The Networking industry requires high data-level parallelism, well defined inputs and is modular in nature. Wintec ensures our products are designed with efficiency and flexibility to ensure we meet the rigor, high performance, often extreme temperature conditions, and longevity needed. We have the engineering support, state of the art technology, and reliability to support high traffic volumes and simultaneously multi-transactional requirements.

Industrial Automation

We make it our business to fully understand the nuances of your product development lifecycle, your existing equipment, and your overarching production goals. This enables us to design the perfect solution to help you achieve your objectives. Wintec’s domain expertise drives process efficiency and enables quality control.


Wintec has supported the growth in the surveillance industry with custom designs to ensure data integrity and data retention. Wintec can help extend storage with flexible form factors and customized testing services to maintain long term reliable and trustworthy performance.


The automotive industry requires reliability often under the harshest of environments. Shock, temperature changes, dust, vibration and humidity are just a few of the rigors we ensure our products can withstand. Our Flash is developed with strict validation processes and power cycling test to ensure there are no defects before shipping to our customers. The rigor in our tech creates quality assurance for mass production.


Critical operations require performance and data integrity. Our consistency, reliability and quality have ensured Wintec’s DRAM and NAND Flash are a corner stone for medical industry. Typical use cases include data storage, clinical diagnostic applications, and imaging technologies to name a few.

The Internet of Things

Wintec is at the forefront of supporting the data demands of the burgeoning IOT market. Our solutions are compatible and qualified with leading hardware platforms. IOT devices gather a huge amount of information and with 100% production level burn-in test, Wintec ensures product quality and long-term reliability.