Supply & Demand Solutions

We combine innovation, technology and finance to deliver customized solutions that ensure the on-time delivery of your goods.  We are predictable, systematic and cost efficient.


Wintec helps your business deliver products on time to your specifications, with real-time supply chain information. Through automated control systems used in managing contractual requirements from component suppliers to complex virtual hub management, Wintec is able to keep costs predictable and manageable every day of the week.


Our Supply Chain Planning helps analyze and elevate your supply chain in order to optimize inventory levels and production lead times.  Our purpose and commitment is to reduce operational costs.  Our state of the art forecasting models help provide essential data for better decision-making, increase efficiency of inventory management, and reduce production down times.


Wintec’s global locations and standardized operations, which are audited by Fortune 100 companies, allow you to control your supply chain with the same level of excellence at a fraction of the cost.  Our systems move millions of products every year for top tier corporations so you can be assured that your mission critical business products will be handled with care.

Solution Set

Demand Aggregation

We consolidate and filter requirements to provide accurate visibility of demand. We identify component requirements across multiple locations, and formulaically create optimized inventory positions to optimize your savings.

Sales and Operations Planning

Demand and supply planning is a key component of (S&OP) but in isolation results in sub optimal results.  Our cutting-edge Sales and Operations Planning Collaborate tools, provide real-time data on pricing, trends, availability and more.  Stakeholders have the information needed to generate agreement and consensus.  The details as a single shared view supports planning for optimum levels of manufacturing output.

Demand Planning, Inventory Balancing and Optimization

Through machine learning our platform generates forecasts that model many factors including historical trends, time spans for availability, competitive analysis, pricing and product velocity. Our aim is to limit surprises, keep supplies fluid and maximize profitability for our partners. Our independence and systematic controls make us the perfect partner to ensure price adherence in line with contractual requirements.

Analytics and Reporting

From online visitor demand to manufacturing WIPs to raw materials, information of the flow of goods is paramount in optimizing the supply chain for success. Our platform tracks and reports at every stage of the production cycle and allows real-time visibility in the movement of components.  Global allocation coordination and reporting in real-time ensure the efficient movement of products cost efficiently and allows peace of mind.

Our Approach

Finance and Manage Inventory

Working with your teams, we deploy solutions to finance and manage inventories, take title if you desire and then ship to your global final destinations -be it a contract manufacturer or end client.

Avoid Disruptions

We support you in avoiding shortages and price disruptions, manage exceptions certifying that you have traceability and reporting of supply and demand at all times.

Report, Analyze, Predict

We provide you a single dashboard view with an ability to drill down for details. We ensure that you have update to date reports, forecasts, trend analysis and other predictive details.

De-risk Supply Flows

We help de-risk supply flows, manage exceptions and provide for price masking and confidentiality, splitting container loads and kitting.

Direct Connection with Suppliers and Manufaturers

Our systems are live connected with most suppliers and contract manufactures in the world and our hubs are collocated. SLA’s ensure your success as well as VMI Compliance for your clients and internal audits and controls.