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I see Wintec has a new 64GB capacity SDXC Filemate card available. I placed my new FileMate SDXC card in my card reader and I don't see the whole capacity. What do I need to know?
New generation flash storage cards increase the speed and capacity of solid state storage media using state-of-the-art technology. These advances in technology allow manufacturers to maintain small form factors while increasing the storage footprint available to the consumer. When it comes to storage capacity, more is better and enables a lower cost per storage unit to the end user.

However, SDXC cards use a different file format system which is not backwards compatible with devices and readers using the original and widely available SD card format. The controller in older devices and readers will likely be unable to read the higher format sizes used in the new SDXC system and may only show a partial amount of the total storage available on the SDXC card, due to this technology mismatch. Older devices and readers were originally specified to read ranges from 128MB to 2GB, typically.

Many host controllers capable of reading the correct capacity of the newest SDXC format started appearing in 2010. To ensure compatibility, look for the SDXC logo on the card device/reader.

This also applies to internal card readers that are built into many laptops, mobile devices and computers. Devices produced prior to 2008 stand a good chance that the internal reader will not be able to properly support the SDXC format. Some readers using the SDHC (High Capacity) controller may support SDXC formatting if the computer also supports OS file format exFAT (provided the computer/laptop has this type of controller already built in). You may find that the SDXC only shows half of the total available storage space.

To solve this incompatibility, purchase a newer USB-based card reader that has the SDXC logo on it. Mobile Android devices may not support USB card reader devices. In this case, the SDXC format is incompatible for this environment and may work perfectly on a laptop or computer. The same criteria applies to other mobile devices like cameras and camcorders where more storage capacity is always preferred. Check your device documentation or the device website for more technical understanding. Contacting their product support team by email or phone may be necessary depending on how much information is posted for your device.
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