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How do I assign a static IP address to my adapter on Windows XP?
Step 1 Click Start and select Control Panel.

Step 2 Open the Network Connections window.

Step 3 Right click the adapter, left click Properties

• For Ethernet (hardwired) adapters, use the item listed as Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection.
• For Wireless adapters, use the item listed as Ethernet Adapter Wireless Area Connection.

Step 4 Scroll down the list of items and select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), then click Properties.

Step 5 Select the round button near Use the following IP address:
You will now need to enter your adapter´s IP address, the netmask, default gateway and DNS IP.

Important note on IP addresses:
A valid IP address must contain four octets (segments separated by decimals) having values that fall between zero and 255. Each IP address in your network must be unique; no two devices should have the same IP address. Zero and 255 should not be used in a valid IP address´ last octet. They are used as placeholders and for network utilities. (Do not use or for a device´s IP address)

Your IP address must match the first three octets of your Gateway IP, when using the default netmask of You may pick any number for the last octet of your IP address that falls between zero and 255.

For example, if your Gateway IP address is, your adapter´s IP may be or

The "Subnet mask" field sets your netmask. You will be using, unless a network technician has set up an advanced network.

The "Default Gateway" field sets the gateway IP address your adapter will use for Internet access. By defining the gateway, you are directing your data to the device that has Internet access. If you are using a router, the router´s IP address would be your gateway. If you have no router and connect directly to your cable or DSL modem for internet access, you will use that modem´s IP address as your gateway IP. If you are using Internet connection sharing, use the IP address of the adapter that was set up to share the Internet connection.

• Most D-Link routers use a default IP address of
• Most Linksys routers use
• Many VoIP routers use
• Internet Connection Sharing default:

Step 6 You must now set your adapter´s DNS (Domain Name Services) server address. Your ISP may have a specific DNS server that they want you to use. Inquire with your ISP what DNS IP address you should use. Otherwise, you may refer to your router or modem´s IP address if that device supports DNS relay. The secondary DNS server is not required, it is used as a backup.

Step 7 Click OK at the bottom of the Internet Protocol window to save the settings.

Step 8 Click OK at the bottom of the adapter´s Properties window to save the settings.

Your adapter is now assigned a static (manual) IP address, Netmask, gateway IP and DNS server IP.
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