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The FileMate Clear tablet keeps crashing or freezing. Why does it do this and what can I do to address this issue?
We have received reports back from end users indicating that after downloading/installing certain apps, their tablets became unstable and/or unusable.

Some apps have a characteristic behavior that may make them incompatible in an Android tablet environment. Apps that prevent the tablet/phone from going into normal sleep mode or that kill background processes to obtain exclusive access/use to Android system resources should be carefully evaluated before installation. In many cases, checking online reviews or forums may help identify the same experience/issue from other users in the community.

Not every app is built equally well or the same. Apps needing exclusive system permission by default may prevent critical system software from properly functioning on the tablet causing freezing or unstable operation. It is quite possible that apps which appear to function well in another mobile environment, like Apple iPads, may not be suitable or run properly in the tablet environment.

A good user awareness note is to be aware of tablet behavior after installing a particular app. Users may not be aware that the new software is the root cause of the hardware performance issue and improperly assume that they need to request an RMA for service. Uninstalling the app first, then performing a factory data reset (if necessary) in many cases has returned unstable tablets to their original good performance condition (make sure to backup data before resetting and on a regular basis).

A best practice is to utilize the ‘Play’ store at Simply type in the name of an app/game into the search field, and then click on reviews. Of particular note will be the 1 star reviews. Please read through the 1 star reviews to see if other users have experienced the same issue. Click on ‘Permissions’ will allow the user to see what if any permission they are granting the app/game to perform while the app/game are installed on the device.

Applications provided outside of the tablet's original configuration are not part of the warranty process. Apps are built by companies or individuals who are necessarily the correct resource to engage should you want to continue to inquire and investigate a possible resolution. With the many and different apps available (and growing everyday) it's almost impossible for our Technical Support team to maintain any kind of compatibility list with certainty of accuracy. Changes to versions make this even more of a challenge.

We will be happy to try and help you during any inquiry and provide you feedback from other users as we gain that information. Our focus is making sure we provide the best support possible for our FileMate family of Android tablets.
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