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My FileMate Identity tablet can't connect to the Android Marketplace and I can't setup my Gmail. What should I do?
We have seen that some tablets are having trouble connecting to the Google servers. The steps below should resolve the issue.

  1. Please download this file GenerateMACAddress.apk needed to go with these instructions. {Save it to your desktop for ease}
  2. You may refer to the following pdf file (Adobe Acrobat) or the docx file (MS Word) from the Enspert Manual for a visual representation of certain steps, however we recommend following the procedure detailed below.
  3. You'll need a SD card. So take a moment to find one.
  4. Insert the SD card into your computer, { Make a note of which drive letter it is }
  5. Make sure that you are viewing the window that shows which drive letter the SD card is in. { I.E. Using Windows, Click on Start > My Computers, or Computer, then you should see all the drives.
  6. Click on the GenerateMACAddress.apk file and drag into the SD card.
  7. Right Click on the SD card, and choose 'Eject'
  8. Open the SD Card flap on the tablet and look for the Serial Number, it will start with 'BB0020101100XXXX', write it down now, for later use.
  9. Remove the SD Card from the computer and turn on your tablet
  10. Insert the SD card into the tablet with the 'Gold Fingers' facing you, if the tablet front is facing you.
  11. Tap on Settings, located in the Applications folder
  12. Tap on 'Applications'
  13. Tap on 'Unknown sources' and agree to the changes
  14. Tap on the Home Icon on the tablet body
  15. Tap on the application folder, { 4 x 4 Blocks on the tablet screen }
  16. Tap on the 'File Manager'
  17. Tap on 'SD card'
  18. Tap on MACAddress file
  19. Install the MACAddress file
  20. Write in the Serial Number, using capital letters for the BBs
  21. Tap the Generate MAC code
  22. Restart your tablet by turning it off, Power button located at the top
  23. Once it is back on, Go into settings, MAKE SURE THAT THE Wi-Fi is working
  24. VERY CRITICAL: Also Tap 'Turn on Bluetooth'
  25. Tap on the Gmail Icon to enter your information.
  26. Your Identity Tablet should now have no problem connecting to the Gmail servers!
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