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My tablet freezes. I've tried a factory reset. What can I do to address this behavior?
We have determined that the most likely fix for this issue is a firmware update.

  Watch Video: How to Update Firmware
  1. Please download the firmware update here --Posted 8/27/2012.
  2. Save the file named "e201firmware.img" (158 MB) to the desktop of your computer or laptop (remember where you saved it since you will need to locate it later). In order to now transfer the file to the SD card, your computer/laptop may be equipped with a flash card reader. If not, you will need to purchase this accessory unit prior to completing the next step.
  3. (NOTE: An SD card with sufficient free space – 170MB - is needed for this next step) Insert an SD card into your tablet. Connect the tablet to your desktop/laptop computer. Copy the file; "e201firmware.img" (158 MB) from your computer to the SD card previously mounted in the tablet. (You may already have purchased and mounted an SD card on your tablet. This SD card can be used to accomplish the firmware update download as long as it has enough free space as mentioned above. It is not necessary to purchase another SD card just to complete any firmware update if you already have one mounted with sufficient free space available)
  4. Once you've completed the download of the firmware file, safely dismount your SD card from your computer by Right clicking on it and choosing, 'eject', following the instruction sequence. Then remove the SD card from your computer/laptop/reader. The following steps will take you through the actual mounting of the SD card on your tablet and the firmware update action.
  5. Open the flap at the top of your FileMate Identity Tablet and insert the SD card properly/correctly. NOTE: The SD card only goes in one way! Failure to insert the SD card properly will cause damage to your FileMate Identity tablet and your SD card.
  6. Tap on the Application's Icon
  7. Tap on Settings
  8. Tap on Privacy
  9. Tap on Terminal Initialization
  10. Agree to the Terminal Initialization
  11. The Tablet will reboot. It will take more time than usual. Please be patient as it reboots.
  12. To verify that the firmware upgrade has taken place, please do the following:
    Tap on Applications Icon > Settings > About System > Firmware Version
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