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FileMate Clear Tablet
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FileMate Clear Tablet 
I purchased a separate warranty from my retailer when I purchased my FileMate product. What does this additional warranty cover and who administers the claim process if I need to file for support?
Can I use the reset hole located on the back panel of the FileMate Clear to address the tablet not coming on and/or freezing?
When I take pictures with my FileMate Clear, the pictures are completely whited-out or grayed-out, what can I do to address this issue?
I have a FileMate Clear and was told that it is Google Play Certified, but I do not see the model name listed. Is it certified by Google?
Why is my product not covered under warranty when it is evaluated to have physical damage?
My screen on the FileMate Clear has been damaged and has a crack. Can it be repaired or replaced under the warranty?
I wanted to use an app or access content that requires Adobe Flash Player including installs from Google Play. Is my FileMate Clear not compatible with Adobe Flash?
Is the FileMate Clear upgradeable to 4.1 Jellybean or beyond?
What is the proper way to charge the FileMate Clear?
How should I properly insert my mSD card into the mSD expansion slot on the FileMate Clear?
My son/daughter installed a pattern and forgot it or they don't remember the Google Account information. What can I do to resolve this issue?
Does the FileMate Clear have the ability to Skype/Tango Video Calls?
How do I transfer pictures/videos/multimedia to the FileMate Clear?
Why does my battery discharge so quickly?
What is the difference between the Android 2.2 version and Android 4.0 version?
Where can I find information about the terms of the manufacturer's warranty?
What are the accessories that are standard with the FileMate Clear?
Are their additional accessories available for the FileMate Clear?
When I try to download apps at the Google Play store, I get this error message, "Error DF-BPA-09" What should I do to fix this problem?
The FileMate Clear tablet keeps crashing or freezing. Why does it do this and what can I do to address this issue?
Does the FileMate Clear tablet have GPS capability?
Is it possible to connect a keyboard or mouse via USB to the FileMate Clear?
Where is the mini-HDMI cable to connect to my HDMI TV? Is it included as an accessory?
I am trying to connect to my home network, and the FileMate Clear is not scanning or showing my network, what should I do to address this problem?
Is the FileMate Clear capable of 3G or 4G network use?
Is it possible to remove the cover from the tablet and perform updates or repairs to my FileMate Clear?
Can I 'root' or 'jailbreak' my FileMate Clear Tablet?
I bought a FileMate Clear from a second-hand source like, Craigslist, Pawn Store, or from a friend, what are my warranty rights?
I downloaded Netflix from Google Play, but I can't seem to get the Netflix app working on the FileMate Clear. Is there something wrong with my tablet?
Can I use a Bluetooth keyboard with the FileMate Clear?
The User's Manual on the FileMate Clear states in the section, "PC Connection" to install a driver and connect with a CD? I did not receive these items with my FileMate Clear, what do I do?
The User's Manual on the FileMate Clear states in the section, "Ethernet" to connect the USB network card via the USB host transfer cable access to device. How I do I accomplish this task?
When I try to access the Google Play store, I get the error, "No Connection, Retry." I'm sure that I set up up my WiFi connection properly because I can surf the Internet. How do I correct this behavior?
There's a white sticker that is attached to my FileMate Clear. What is it?
What does it mean when I get the following message "This app has encountered an error, would you like to wait, close or report?"
I turned my FileMate Clear on, and immediately went to play a game, but it is slow. Is there something wrong with my tablet?
I was playing my favorite game in landscape mode, and I accidentally turned off my tablet. What should I do?
This tablet has Google Maps, why can't I use it for navigation like a GPS?
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