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Frequently Asked Questions
Clear X2 and X4 Tablets
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What is the difference between the X2 and X4?
I wanted to use an app or access content that requires Adobe Flash Player including installs from Google Play. Is my FileMate Clear not compatible with Adobe Flash?
The screen time-out is too short. How do I change it?
Is the battery removable?
I see a lock symbol on my screen. What do I do?
Will Wintec Industries provide OTA, Over the Air updates for this tablet?
The time and date are not right on my device, what should I do?
I left an app, is it still running in the background?
What is the recommended method of storing applications and games?
How do I know if the applications and/or games are downloaded or relocated to the internal SD card?
Should applications auto-update themselves?
Is it possible to disable apps and why?
What is the best way to explore my tablet?
Can I connect my X2 or X4 to a HDTV with HDMI connection?
Can I change the wallpaper?
Does the X2 and the X4 have the ability to do screenshots?
Does the X2 and the X4 have the ability to transfer media through NFC or Android Beam?
Do the X2 and the X4 have GPS capability?
I need to do a Factory Data Reset. What are the steps?
My camera says to insert an SD card into the X2/X4, but there is already one installed. What can I do to resolve this issue?
My Camera says 'Cannot connect to Camera' what do I do?
Can you charge the X2/X4 via the micro-USB port?
Can I use my X2/X4 while it is charging?
I lost or need a replacement charger. Is it recommended to purchase a generic one?
I want to charge my X2/X4 in my vehicle, what is the recommended method?
How long does it take to charge my X2/X4?
Is there an indicator that lets me know when the X2/X4 is completely charged?
The X2/X4 gets warm while charging. Is this normal?
Is it possible to upgrade or update to a newer version of Android?
Is it possible to download Netflix and watch movies on the T730/ T750?
Can use the Skype app on the T730 /T750?
Google Play is not loading on my X2/X4, what should I do?
What if there is an issue with the Google Play Store?
When I try to download apps at the Google Play store, I get this error message, "Error DF-BPA-09" What should I do to fix this problem?
I'm having trouble connecting to my WiFi, specifically I'm getting an authentication error, and what do I do?
I'm having trouble connecting to my WiFi, specifically I'm getting the following error, "Avoided Poor Internet Connection" and what do I do?
I'm having trouble connecting to my WiFi, specifically I'm getting the following error, "WiFi, Out of Range" and what do I do?
My WiFi beacon is grayed out. I can connect to non-Google websites. What should I do?
My X2/X4 will not connect to my WiFi at home, but will connect at my neighbors or at free hotpots like McDonalds or Starbucks. What is wrong with my X2/X4?
I dropped my X2/X4, there are no cracks in the screen, but it will not turn on, and what do I do?
The screen is cracked on my X2/X4 but it still works, how much does it cost to replace the screen?
I sent my X2/X4 to Wintec Industries and it was found to be physically damaged. Why it was not repaired?
My X2/X4 will no longer charge. It looks like it's brand new and hardly had been used. How can it be physically damaged?
I was not asked to purchase the extended warranty at the time of purchase, can I purchase it now?
I contacted the extended warranty program through Wal-Mart and they referred me to Wintec Industries. Isn't Wintec Industries the holder of the extended warranty?
I sent my Magenta tablet in for warranty service, and the replacement tablet is black. Why can't get the same color that I had originally ordered.
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