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FileMate Identity Tablet
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I purchased my FileMate Light/Identity from a trading site and understand these products are retired and no longer available through authorized retail outlets. What can I do if I have any problems?
My FileMate tablet stopped charging. Everything looks okay. Can I send my tablet for warranty service to fix the problem?
My tablet seems to be freezing, not working correctly. It was working fine but when I recently installed/downloaded/added a new application (app) to my tablet it really seems to have a hardware problem.
My tablet freezes. I've tried a factory reset. What can I do to address this behavior?
I have a password setup on my FileMate Identity Tablet, and I do not remember what it is. Is there any way I can access my tablet?
My tablet will not connect to my home network, what should I do?
I watched the YouTube video from the FAQ page and it displays a link. That link is no longer available or is broken. What do I do now?
My tablet was charging overnight and now it won't come on, what should I do?
I have an eBook app and other apps that I need to know how to use, where can I find support?
I would like to obtain a case, sleeve, cover, screen protector etc., for my FileMate Identity Tablet. What should I get?
How do I move pictures and/or files from my computer to my FileMate identity Tablet?
Do I need to call the number in the Quick Start Guide in order to get support for the FileMate Identity tablet?
I need to have my FileMate Identity Tablet replaced because it is no longer working, what should I do?
If I need technical support help in regards to the FileMate Identity Tablet, who should I call?
I am trying to connect an USB keyboard to my FileMate Identity Tablet and the tablet doesn't recognize it. What do I need to do?
My FileMate Identity tablet can't connect to the Android Marketplace and I can't setup my Gmail. What should I do?
How do I enable the GPS functionality for the FileMate Identity Tablet?
I created a pattern lock/password to prevent unauthorized access to my new FileMate Identity Tablet. Oops, now I don't remember what is was. I'm locked out from the tablet. What can I do to access the tablet?
My FileMate Identity tablet appears to be stuck and will not load, what should I do?
I can't seem to change the time on my FileMate Identity Tablet?
I visited a website that requires the Adobe Flash Media player. Is this pre-installed on the FileMate identity Tablet?
My SD card will not mount properly, what should I do?
I have a class 10 SD card, will it work with the FileMate Identity tablet?
Can I remove the battery from the FileMate Identity Tablet?
Can I purchase an additional battery for travel and/or backup?
What does the ConvergenceOne software do?
Where can I find the ConvergenceOne Software and the User's Manual that were on the CD.
How long does it take to charge the FileMate Identity Tablet?
Does this tablet come with an SD card?
I have a microSDHC card. Can I use it with this tablet?
Why can't I use the camera or the video camera option on this tablet?
This tablet keeps referring to itself as a phone, is it a phone?
Is this tablet compatible with Adobe Flash player?
Why does the Wi-Fi signal fluctuate when I hold this tablet a certain way?
What do the pinholes do on this tablet?
Can I charge this tablet via my laptop or PC?
I lost the charger and/or other accessories that came with the tablet. What can I do?
This tablet has a mini-HDMI slot, but I didn't receive a mini-HDMI cable in the package?
Can I do video chat with this tablet?
Is this tablet 3G?
The tablet is informing me that it is running out of space. What should I do?
What is the right way to mount and unmount an SD card from my tablet?
Is formatting the same as mounting?
How do I setup the Wi-Fi?
How do I delete an Email account that isn't working or that I don't want to use anymore?
How do I add my Yahoo Email account
How do I add a Microsoft Exchange Active Sync account to my FileMate Identity or Light Tablet?
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