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How to Return or Exchange
For Business Returns
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How To Complete Approval Process
Return or Exchange a Product Request Form Return Authorization Documentation
Complete and Submit the Return Request Form
Why do I need to complete a Return Request Form?
A completely filled out Return Request Form provides all the necessary information to the Wintec Customer Service Representative to quickly approve the return request.

Where is the Return Request form?
The Return Request form is an online form on the next page.
This RMA process is for end users/consumers ONLY, Business Partners please fill out and submit the Business Return Form.
  1. It may be faster to return your purchase to the Point of Sale retailer and obtain a replacement rather than waiting for an RMA transaction to be accomplished. You still must abide by any limitations of the retailer like time allowance from date of purchase.
  2. Completion of this RMA form does not guarantee that your request will be granted. Wintec Industries reserves the right to decline any RMA submission for cause.
  3. Wintec Industries is not responsible for lost shipments, theft from packages, and will not honor the replacement request for any physically damaged product that is not in original condition. Wintec makes allowance for normal wear. If the item has been damaged, lost, or stolen en route to Wintec Industries, you will need to file a claim with the carrier such as UPS or the Postal Service.
FAQ: What is physical damage and is it covered under a product's original manufacturer's warranty?
A Return Authorization number will be emailed to
you when your request is approved by a Wintec Customer Service Representative.
Why do I need a Return Authorization Number?
Wintec assigns each return a reference number (Return Authorization Number) to track who sent the items and what items are included in the return shipment. We use this number to help quickly solve any problems that may occur in the return process.
Tips to Expedite the RMA Process
  1. We process most claims within 24 to 48 hours. If you haven't seen a response from us it may be in your SPAM folder.
  2. Please do not delay in printing your RMA PDF so you can send out your shipment in a timely manner. Please follow the convenient directions on page 2. We want to serve you as promptly and efficiently as possible.
  3. As a reminder, remember, your RMA is only valid for a specific number of days.
Pack your return items
What do I need to include with my returned product?
Please be sure to include the following:
1. All return items in their original condition, including any accessories, cables, and manuals.
2. One copy of the Wintec RMA requisition form with the valid RMA number issued by Wintec
Packing Tips
  1. Please do not use regular envelopes as many shipments have arrived missing the product due to loss in mechanical scanning systems used by the Postal Service. Simple plain envelopes have been found not to be a reliable way to send items back to Wintec Industries. Failing to properly protect the product for shipping risks the chance of the item being damaged, lost, and/or stolen. Please protect your item adequately. Some items need special packaging like anti-static bags, or padded envelopes. Smaller form factor memory products like microSD and SD flash cards are especially susceptible to mechanical damage.
  2. Do not make it easy for thieves. Using a reputable shipping method as discussed in Step 5 really helps, also double packing, i.e. envelope within a envelope will make it difficult for those looking to steal your item.
  3. Various products have the exact same form factor and it is easy to assume or mistakenly send us a product, like a microSD card for example, that is not one produced by Wintec Industries. Our products have logos and/or serial numbers which allow us to make positive identification to validate RMA requests. Please make sure you are returning the correct product as authorized by your RMA request. If you send us the wrong product, we will deny the RMA request and return the non-Wintec Industries product back to you. Unfortunately, this happens all too frequently because products do look identical to the casual inspection. Sending back non-Wintec product negatively impacts our ability to quickly and efficiently process your RMA in a timely manner.
Wrap your return items
How should I package the return items?
Write the RMA number on the outside of the package in bold lettering. Use a box or padded package to protect the return items during shipping. Be sure to properly seal the package to prevent items being lost during shipping.
Ship your return items
What package carrier should I use to return the items?
You can use any of the preferred carriers below, or select any package carrier of your choice:
Preferred Package Carriers
  a. FedEx
  b. UPS
  c. United States Postal Service

Who is responsible for the return shipping?
Wintec Industries is not responsible for the product being returned. The customer is responsible for the initial shipping to Wintec Industries. Please note: Wintec Industries is not responsible for your item being physically damaged, missing/lost, and/or stolen while in transit to us. Remember, if a physically damaged item is returned to Wintec Industries the RMA claim will be denied and the damaged item will be returned with no action taken.