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Wintec Value DDR2
Desktop Memory
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Limited Lifetime Warranty
Wintec Industries, Inc. warrants to the end user that this product, when used under normal use and service, will be free from defects in material, workmanship, and will conform to the published product specifications for the applicable warranty term commencing on the date of purchase.
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What memory should you choose?
The best way to ensure that you purchase memory that is compatible with your computer system is to consult the system specifications. This will provide you with information on the type of memory you need, along with installation advice. You will be able to see the maximum amount of memory that you can install in your system as well as any limitations that you system may have.
Is DDR2 backward compatible with DDR?
No - they are two very different technologies so if your motherboard uses DDR2 memory, you cannot use DDR. Regular DDR2 DIMM’s have 240-pins whereas DDR has just 184-pins.
How do I find out how much memory is currently installed on my system?
Windows users - Right mouse-click on the "My Computer" icon and select "Properties." The total memory installed will be displayed under the "General" tab in the system properties window. ·

Mac users - Select "About This Mac" or "About This Computer" from the Apple menu in the upper left corner of your system. Information will be displayed about your systems’ total memory (built-in memory plus installed memory).
What to do if your memory doesn’t appear to work?
Firstly - you should read through your system specifications which deal with memory module installation. Many systems have installation requirements which must be fulfilled for the memory to function properly such as installing memory in pairs.

If this still does not fix the situation, you can contact with Wintec for memory support. Please remember to include as much information as possible so that we can diagnose what the problem is in as small a time as possible. Please see the support contact section of our website for further information.
I've updated the BIOS and the system still only sees half of the additional memory that I've installed.
The module's chip density may be larger than the chipset used in your system can accept. The high-density memory module may only have chips on one side of the module whereas you may need chips on both side.
The memory has been installed however the system doesn't post / boot.
Ensure the correct memory is being used by referencing your system specifications · Turn the motherboard off and re-insert the memory modules, ensuring that all of the modules are fully inserted.

If you are fully populating the motherboard, try to install memory in just the first socket.
If I bought Wintec AMPO/AMPX memory or FileMate products from or and the products is defective, how can I obtain RMA number for repair/replacement service?
WRMA number can be obtain by using the end user link: