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Wintec FileMate UHS-I Elite SDHC/SDXC
Flash Memory Cards
   16GB - 3FMSD16GBU1E-R
   32GB - 3FMSD32GBU1E-R
64GB - 3FMSX64GU1E-R
128GB - 3FMSX128GU1E-R
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Guide                                         SD Card Guide (PDF File)
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Limited Lifetime Warranty
Wintec Industries, Inc. warrants to the end user that this product, when used under normal use and service, will be free from defects in material, workmanship, and will conform to the published product specifications for the applicable warranty term commencing on the date of purchase.
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Why does my Wintec Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) card not work on my phone/card reader or other SD capable device?
Current generation SDHC Cards are designed for use in HC-enabled devices and are not backwards compatible with older versions of the Secure Digital specification (non-HC). You can usually find a High Capacity (HC) logo on devices like card readers, or in the documentation for other devices like phones and cameras telling you that your device is compatible with the newer HC specification. A quick phone or web contact with the manufacturer of your device can usually help you obtain clarification for the compatibility question about your device’s ability to run newer HC specification cards.

Note: A older device may have to be replaced or flashed with updated firm (obtained fm the original manufacturer) to obtain the latest HC compatibility. Since compatibility is based on the internal chipset design of the device, some items like cards reader are typically replaced outright. This is because the low initial cost of most card readers versus the cost to implement an ability to do firmware upgrades isn’t cost effective. Many consumer devices are designed to prioritize an effort to keep the initial retail cost to the end user very reasonable. Just make sure the new card reader you purchase has HC capability.
I have a SDHC class 10 card, it works on my SDHC card reader but doesn't work on my SDHC compatible cell phone/Camera.
Due to design variations and chipset capabilities, these decisions by manufacturers can result in not every SDHC device universally supporting the Class 10 specification. We have discovered through testing and customer feedback that some devices can be/may require an update to your device's firmware (which can be obtained by contacting the device manufacturer to find out how this is accomplished).

In our experience, customers sometimes are looking to simply increase the size of the storage capability for their device in order to hold more data. For these kinds of situations, we have found that using a Class 4 card (instead of Class 10) in the larger size fixed the device's compatibility issue with a Class 10 card, allowing greater storage capacity without having to go through the process of updating device firmware (which can be a little difficult for the average user at times). In this case, return the Class 10 SDHC card for a full refund to the place of purchase and pick up a Wintec Class 4 SDHC card.

Note: It may be that some devices are unable to be updated (your manufacturer will know for sure) which means that using a Class 4 card would become the primary solution to try for increasing the storage capacity to your device.