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Warranty Coverage
Warranty Information
Duration of warranty: This limited warranty applies only to the original end user customer of the product for so long as the original end user customer owns the product. This limited warranty is non-transferable. Warranty is null and void if there is physical damage present when the item is returned via RMA. ALL items returned to Wintec Industries are inspected and any physical damage will be discovered during this technical evaluation. Please do not return physical damaged product. *Limited to 10 years in EMEA
Consumer Products
Limited Lifetime Warranty*
  • AMPX, AMPO, Wintec Value
  • Wintec Memory Modules (DRAM)
  • Wintec FileMate MicroSD and SD
Five Year Warranty
  • Wintec FileMate USB Flash Drives
  • FileMate CX Modem
Three Year Warranty
  • FileMate Hard Drive Enclosures
  • Wintec Industries 2.5" SATA-III SSD
Two Year Warranty
  • Wintec Display Adapter Cards (ADD2 Cards and HDMI cards)
  • Wintec Filemate SSD (ExpressCards and SSD Drives)**
  • Wintec FileMate SolidGo Drive
  • Wintec FileMate Compact Flash
One Year Warranty
  • Wintec Branded Computer Systems (Desktops, Servers )
  • FileMate MultiLink Adapters
  • FileMate Notebook Coolers
  • FileMate Wireless Network Card
  • FileMate Keyboards
  • FileMate Mice
  • FileMate Light Tablet PC
  • FileMate Identity Tablet PC
  • FileMate Joy Picture Frames
  • FileMate Clear Tablet PC
  • FileMate Bags and Sleeves
OEM Products
Wintec Industries products with "W" leading part number
Limited Lifetime Warranty*
  • Wintec Industries DRAM
Five Year Warranty
Wintec Industries SLC Based Flash Products
  • CF
  • CFast
  • Embedded Disk Card
  • Embedded USB
  • MicroSD
  • Mini PCIe
  • miniSD
  • mSATA
  • SD
  • SlimSATA
  • USB
  • SSD
Three Year Warranty
Wintec Industries MLC Based Flash Products
  • ATA SataDOM
  • CF
  • Embedded USB
  • MicroSD
  • mSATA
  • SD
  • SlimSATA
  • USB
  • SSD
What is physical damage and is it covered under a product's original manufacturer's warranty?

Wintec FileMate products are intended to be delivered to our end users in a manner that ensures pride of ownership and satisfies their reasonable expectation that our products will function reliably. Like many manufacturers, Wintec provides a robust endorsement of our products to ensure that normal use is covered from defect and failure for varying periods of time, depending the product intended use and environment expected.

Wintec Industries maintains robust and readily available channels of communications via phone, email and web online access in order to receive end user requests for warranty services for our products.

Physical damage, including any modifications to original product creates a product condition that is not warrantied under the terms of normal product use. Product defects or failures to function correctly as manufactured are covered under the warranty terms. During ownership, users may incur damage to the product that voids our warranty from: (a) improper operation, storage, misuse or abuse, accident or neglect where inspection reveals cracks, fractures or distressed displays/glass or screens, deep scratches, dented corners, broken connectors or distressed connection ports, etc. ; (b) contact with liquid, water, rain, extreme humidity or heavy perspiration, sand, dirt, extreme heat or food; (c) use of the product or accessories for commercial purposes or subjecting the product or accessories to abnormal usage or conditions; or (d) other acts which are not the fault of Wintec Industries. If such condition(s) is/are found, exclude the product from warranty consideration.

Physically damaged and/or modified products are not covered by Wintec Industries' original warranty and will be returned to the originating owner noting the results of our RMA technical inspection. Please note that we are unable to repair or replace liquid-damaged products. Normal wear on product surfaces does not prevent us from processing a successful warranty claim.

Wintec Industries stands behind our valued customers and our warranty process and terms reflect this commitment. Please make sure as the end user, you take care of your FileMate product so we can make sure your product exemplifies the high quality response and value we have for all end users of Wintec FileMate products.